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Eriez Lift Magnet Certification Program

Ensure your Eriez Lift Magnets remain in AS4991-2004 compliance

The Australian standard for inspection, testing and maintenance of Close Proximity Operated Lifting Magnets is AS4991-2004. It includes guidelines on inspection intervals and criteria including:

  • Lift magnet surface
  • Condition and operation of handles and safety latches
  • Condition of lifting ball or eye hook
  • Cracked housing, welds or loose bolts
  • Warning labels and capacity markings

All Eriez Lift Magnets are built in compliance with AS4991-2004. Let Eriez inspect your magnets to ensure they remain in compliance. Our procedure includes:

  • Inspection of lift magnet surface and resurfacing of poles, if needed
  • Inspection of all other parts
  • Replacement of any missing parts
  • Repair/replacement of all damaged parts
  • Replacement of warning labels and capacity markings
  • Load testing and certification

Every magnet repaired by Eriez is returned with a Certificate of Compliance guaranteeing our repairs and the load test of your magnet to comply with AS4991-2004.

All Eriez Certified repairs come with a one year "As New" warranty.

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