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Eriez Equipment Inspections

Eriez technical specialists can provide inspections of your equipment on-site or at our factory in Epping, Victoria.

Eriez technical specialists can inspect equipment on-site, or customers can ship their equipment to our factory for a strip and inspect. Eriez technicians will provide a detailed report of their findings, which may include simple preventative service, replacing mechanical components, updating electronics, or carrying out complete tear down and refurbishment of the entire separator back to Eriez OE specifications. Advancements in technologies and innovations are often implemented as upgrades during rebuild processes.

If equipment cannot be repaired, Eriez technicians consider several different scenarios and possible solutions to get equipment back online and into production, but in some cases a total replacement may be needed.

Process equipment represents a significant capital investment, and annual inspections are mandatory to maintain them in peak working order, to identify any looming issues and for the possibility of process improvements.

Eriez technicians can help minimize equipment problems and achieve maximum quality and productivity for operations by providing regular equipment checks, in-plant certifications and detailed reports.

Benefits of Eriez inspections:

  • Maintain highest product quality
  • Identify problems before they occur
  • Prevent damage to equipment
  • Reduce production downtime
  • Meet quality objectives and goals

Eriez technicians have an unparalleled level of skill and knowledge understanding the application and limits of magnetic equipment. Most importantly, Eriez understands the dangers associated with handling permanent magnets and our technicians are specially trained and follow specific job safety procedures to properly handle high-strength magnetic elements safely. 

Eriez only uses Original Equipment parts, remanufactures equipment to original specifications and offers 'as new' warranties. 

Eriez has a state-of-the-art facility with all the machining, fabricating and welding capabilities necessary to inspect, service or repair equipment quickly, accurately, and safely.


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