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Eriez Magnet Auditing & Calibration Service

Eriez technical specialists can audit your magnets performance to ensure equipment complies with recognized International Food Safety Standards.

Eriez Magnetic Separators are designed to draw out fine ferrous contaminants along critical points of the production line and eliminate foreign objects and metals such as rust, nails, scale, work-hardened stainless and bolts before the end product ships. These separators come in different styles and in various magnetic strengths, depending upon the application. However, periodically, they should be tested to verify their strength and to ensure compliance with current food safety industry standards.

Eriez offers magnet pull tests and application inspections, and on completion, our technicians will provide a full report of their findings which also includes a validated test certificate.


  • Reduce metal contamination risks
  • Improve product purity and food safety
  • Protect brand reputation and image
  • Prevent damage to equipment
  • Avoid downtime and expensive repair costs

Eriez technicians will audit any magnetic separation equipment, even if it is not an Eriez brand.  They will evaluate its effectiveness and offer recommendations that could improve its separation performance. The physical condition of the magnet, access and any safety concerns will also be checked. More importantly, Eriez can provide recommendations and advice regarding recognized International Food Safety Standards.

Pull tests are an essential quality control tool used to monitor magnet strength to ensure optimum performance. To develop, implement and maintain an effective magnet auditing program,  or to book a magnet inspection, please contact our experts today.

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